Axel Rockfish

Photographer, born 1970 in Düsseldorf.
In 1983 in México he bought his first 2nd hand Canon AE-1  and has been creating analogue and later digital photography ever since. Rockfish’s themes range from free interpretations of urban stories to black & white landscapes and nudes as well as his essential encounters with nature and inhabitants of authentic, remote places.

Having lived and worked in Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and Spain, he now works between Barcelona and Munich. His work is quite influenced by his multicultural life and previous jobs in media and cartoons.

His photography invites the viewer to look beneath the surface of the actual picture. “A photograph often is just a fraction of a second, but it can be an eternity”, he says. He often composes pop-art coloured works already looking through the lens, especially humans in a cartoon manner with a second meaning.

He has been selected as finalist for the Barcelona International Photography Award 2015 among 1000 authors worldwide and he is exhibited at galleries internationally as well as at art fairs.

Fine Art limited editions of his works, large and small, can be ordered and shipped internationally.